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Times are changing. So is Scansion!

At Scansion, we’ve always strongly believed in the design adage, “evolve or die." And Scansion is evolving in line with our clients’ evolving needs. Our society, and our customers, are fast-changing, and that requires a sharper sense of how our organizations need to evolve. We increasingly need to consider internal and external stakeholders, the ecosystems in which we operate, and look for solutions that are both equitable and regenerative. And that has led to “Scansion 2.0.

We will always start by putting people at the center of everything we do with you. But we’ve discovered that being people-centered is not enough if we don’t consider the systems in which we all are immersed, from the cultural context in which we all live, to the often-siloed organizational cultures of our organizations. Above all else, we know your goals are to produce real, measurable results, and with purpose.

That’s why we developed a model and approach that focuses on the interaction of three dimensions: people, systems, and capital. We believe that by aligning these three dimensions, your organization can ensure that its most impactful strategies can be fully executed and remain relevant in the long term.


Scansion is a people-centered strategy group that enables organizations to imagine, design, and achieve impactful solutions to market opportunities.


We’ve always had a combination of private and social sector clients, and will continue to do so, although in a more purposeful way. We believe that working with both sectors informs our strategies in a significant way and will continue exploring this intersection in order to bring the most value to your organization.


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