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Co-Designing with Community

We team with you to achieve lasting outcomes.

Through our DESIGN WITH™ co-creation workshops, you can advance equity, increase diversity, and deepen inclusion (DEI) by designing programs and communications with, not for, your community.
By developing deep mutual empathy and understanding in collaboration with your community -whether that’s external audiences, customers, or internal stakeholders and team members - your organization will be creating the kind of engagement that lasts, designing tangible and actionable outcomes, and at the same time learning new and more relevant ways of working.


Our approach is based on a set of guiding principles.


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You can’t be successful co-creators if you don’t know each other. Many community engagement efforts fail because there’s an imbalance between “designer” and those we are designing for.  In order to be true co-designers, it is necessary to evoke empathy and understanding in both directions.



Externally you’ll be able to deeply and actively understand what matters most to your community, while internally you’ll be able to work in a more  integrated and synergetic way, reducing or eliminating organizational silos.



We know that the system can be re-designed, so we identify the places where we need to intervene to provoke the change we want to see. 


Our Process

Our work is based on Systems Thinking to identify where and when we can effect the most change.


You already know that action is essential. That’s why we focus on developing hands-on, interactive workshops that enable your team to learn while creating new programmatic ideas, compelling communications, or novel ways of operating.

By creating a strong team with our clients, we usually start the process by immersing ourselves in the communities you are looking to engage and invite them to immerse themselves in your organization.

The Human Centered Design (HCD) process assumes things  can always improve since our organizations and our communities are always evolving.


Together, we develop esign principles that will guide the process.


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Together, we develop design principles that will guide the process.


A collaboration with Salvador inevitably leads to a host of discoveries — some expected, many surprising but all essential to shifting our collective thinking about meaningful systems change. He inspires, informs and challenges groups in ways that transform seemingly implausible solutions to societal inequities into tangible and urgent blueprints for action.

Chrissy Deal  |  WESTAF

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