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How can school principals adopt evidence-based resources?


Deep Customer Insights

Experience Strategy and Design

Ecosystem Analysis


How do we facilitate the use of evidence-based resources?

Understanding how school principals see their roles and address challenges is critical to the process of designing resources that support their efforts and achieve results. We helped the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gain insight into these issues to inform their strategy.

What do principals consider when deciding on which resources they will adopt?
What does it mean when principals say "the results must be comparable to my students"?
How do principals make decisions while immersed in a highly complex ecosystem?

Scansion identified the filters that principals use to vet solutions and make decisions. We also created a set of design principles to be used as high-level guidelines for the design of effective resources to aid principals in meeting their goals. Lastly, we created a set of hypothetical case studies to illustrate the application of these design principles to online resources.

A decision model based on values, trusted relationships, and data.


We interviewed school leaders from around the country to understand their needs, motivations, behaviors, and desired experiences as they work toward solutions to accomplish their goals. 

We immersed ourselves in the world of education experts, from researchers to teachers associations leaders, in order to gain a broad perspective of the school ecosystem.

We also mapped and analyzed the ecosystem of evidence-based resources available to schools and the taxonomies in which they are created, in order to understand how to more effectively design them. 

Diving deep in the life of the school principal


Teaching students to use evidence is how we teach them to be citizen scholars. However, it’s more than just that. It is also how we begin to restore the relevance of American public education in the democratic landscape.


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