Customer-centered innovation is the toughest form of innovation to get right, but the most valuable when done right. That is because it is so difficult to uncover and interpret the intangible nature of the experiences people want to have.


We have honed our tools and approach over thirty years in the field and in the boardroom in order to illuminate the toughest innovation spaces.

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An Intercultural Perspective

At this year’s TEDx Vail, Scansion’s Salvador Acevedo shared his personal perspective in a talk entitled, “I am mestizo.” Sal addresses how in a globalized world, intercultural communications skills are more important than ever. 


Payment Systems and Currency

Lost amid the frenzy to develop new electronic currencies and payment systems is a simple but important question: what do people actually want from them?

Scansion was built from the ground up to deliver true customer-centered innovation. Our team includes industry-leading practitioners in the fields of customer experience, design strategy, business analytics, market research, and cultural analysis.

Product and Service Innovation Strategy

What is the future of autonomous technology?

With the race to develop autonomous driving technology in full swing, Scansion helped Fiat Chrysler Automobiles set its 20-year strategy for using autonomous driving technology to deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Picture courtesy of FCA Chrysler

If you can’t name the experience someone wants to have, you can’t act upon it. Through decades of experience Scansion has developed powerful tools and methods for uncovering the experiences people find most meaningful—like beauty, duty, freedom, or accomplishment. 

Since Hamilton Carhartt created our first overalls after doing “fieldwork” with railway workers in 1889, everything we’ve done has rested on building great customer relationships.


The ideas [from our work with Scansion] have helped us do even better, in a much more complicated world.

People experience the world in a cultural context. With a unique specialization in cultural analysis, we delve deeply into the cultural nuances that can either represent great opportunities or perilous obstacles for businesses aiming to compete in new markets.

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