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How Resilient

Are We?


A Model for Regenerative Resilience 

The global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, yet this isn’t the first disruptive event that has shaken the core of many businesses and organizations, nor will it be the last. Political turmoil and climate change, to name just two, also contribute to ongoing uncertainties. The pandemic has now made business continuity planning table stakes to survive future disruptions, but what does it take to grow and get ahead during turbulent times? 


Scansion discusses the concept of “regenerative resilience” for business based on the patterns and common themes we found in how organizations perceive and are reacting to this crisis that may lead to more stable and regenerative business models. 


As this crisis plays out, it’s our hope that positive and meaningful outcomes will result. Our goal at Scansion is to help organizations move toward that eventual future.

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