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How Resilient Are We? An Online Conversation

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Scansion recently hosted an online conversation with three industry leaders on business resilience beyond the current crisis. You can see the video here:

The conversation focused on what kind of questions are decision-makers asking to not only ensure business continuity but to build meaningful customer experiences in this new world?

Three leaders from a broad range of sectors discussed their approaches to resilience and how they’re adapting to position their organizations for growth in times of uncertainty. 

What people said:

"One of the best webinars I have seen these months ... and I have seen quite a few! Panelists were open, candid, down-to-earth, and very generously discussing concrete examples of how they are practicing resilience in the midst of uncertainty. I really liked the combination of disciplines and the underlying theme of radical collaboration."

Maria Gracia Inglessis, Experience Designer

"Scansion's insights report on resilience provides a much-needed framework for assessing organizational responses to this pandemic. The webinar added depth and valuable perspectives on the findings. Together, these resources are sure to offer useful grist for mills churning in the education sector as well as multiple points for entering into conversations about "What next?"

Anne G. Campos, Advocate for Education & Founder, Dawdle--It's Your World, an online platform for critical thinkers.


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