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The New Normal in Customer Experience


Quick direction for effective decisions.

As we move into the "adaptation" phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, you likely have a lot of questions about the kinds of experiences your customers will be looking for and the best ways to deliver those.


Many brands are increasing their digital presence and in doing so, it’s essential to understand what has changed and what will become more relevant in the “After COVID” world.


Scansion Rapid Insights helps you identify and begin to act on the meaningful experiences that people will be looking for as we move out of the "emergency" phase of the crisis


This strategic offering is designed to provide you with quick, ultra-useful direction that will help your teams make significantly more effective decisions.


Exploratory customer insight interviews


Analysis and synthesis session with your core team


Insights activation workshop with your full team


Topline report

In just three weeks, from kick-off to completion, you get the insights and strategic direction to help you make the right decisions, at an investment that’s easy to accommodate.

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Why it's important.

As organizations prepare to re-engage with customers after the shelter-in-place period of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about how and to what extent customer behavior has changed become a critical part of business operations.

Because the current business landscape is rife with uncertainly, there's a high probability that decisions are made based on fear — the fears we assume customers have and those of decision-makers within an organization. Fear has always been an obstacle to engage in adaptive behaviors, and it’s hard to imagine how customer behaviors will change if looking at it solely from the standpoint of safety.


There’s a need to understand the kinds of behaviors people will adopt based on what has become meaningful, or increasingly meaningful, in people’s lives in the midst of the pandemic.


With our framework built on the evolution of meaningful experiences, and our systemic and regenerative approaches to innovation and strategy, Scansion is particularly well-positioned to help clients understand adaptive changes in customer behavior. 

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