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Ensure your most impactful ideas flourish.

 We enable organizations to imagine, design, and achieve impactful solutions to market opportunities. Together with clients, we map the pathways that align people, systems, and financial resources to create offerings that deliver increasing value to all.

Success means mapping, navigating and  enhancing the ecosystems organizations inhabit.

We believe the best innovation comes from finding those experiences that bring meaning to people’s lives and aligning them with business realities.


Finding and making worthy ideas a reality is hard. Visionary opportunities get waylaid or diminished in the tangle of organizations’ internal systems and disconnected silos.


Organizations need the means to connect people-centered insights, internal systems, and financial resources to enable the most worthwhile ideas to become real. 

We help

clients answer...

Start with people, but don't stop there.

Our approach always begins with a focus on people — the internal and external stakeholders that influence and benefit from innovation. As we gather insights and identify opportunities, we layer on an evaluation of systems, such as organizational structures and taxonomies, and assess financial and market viability. We then help leadership engage the organization in success.

Sal Acevedo at TEDx Vail 2018

An Intercultural Perspective

In his TEDx talk, “I am Mestizo," Salvador Acevedo addresses the importance of  intercultural communication skills in a globalized world.

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How Resilient Are We?

As the COVID-19 crisis plays out, our goal at Scansion is to help organizations move toward meaningful and positive outcomes.

Always exceeding expectations.

We are a diverse team of professionals committed to helping organizations create people-centered experiences that build meaningful  value that grows over time. Our expertise runs the gamut, from customer experience research, design strategy, and cultural engagement to information architecture, financial analytics and operations, and leadership development.

People-Centered Strategy

What is the future of autonomous technology?

With the race to develop autonomous driving technology in full swing, Scansion helped Fiat Chrysler Automobiles set its 20-year strategy for using autonomous driving technology to deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Picture courtesy of FCA Chrysler

Since Hamilton Carhartt created our first overalls after doing “fieldwork” with railway workers in 1889, everything we’ve done has rested on building great customer relationships.


The ideas [from our work with Scansion] have helped us do even better, in a much more complicated world.

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