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How do we help people make the most of the power of the PC?


Product and Service Innovation Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Deep Customer Insights


Evoking experiences for the ownership journey

To combat declining computer sales, Intel needed to identify new market opportunities. They turned to Scansion to help them understand how people shop for and use computers, to determine how and where they could help people make fuller uses of the devices.

How can we deliver the right experiences at the right moments in the PC ownership journey to increase usage?

By mapping the exploration, shopping, and use experiences people have around computers, as well as their ideal experiences, we discovered a number of ways Intel could more effectively help people make better use of their machines. The work is informing Intel’s current strategy to help the company transition from selling products to enabling experiences via the PC.


Mapping how the PC experience should evolve over time


As with any emerging technology, simply asking people what they anticipate wanting from their PCs in the future doesn't, by itself, provide insight into what they'll really want. In this case, we instead spoke with people in various phases of the PC ownership journey, to develop waveline maps of the experiences people want at different phases. 


Projecting what people will want

The linkage between experiences in demand, opportunity spaces and design principles are simple, easy to understand, and easy to act on. 

Ashley Mccorkle

User Insights Innovation Manager



The decrease in wholesale revenue from the sales of PCs between 2015 and 2017


The Statistics Portal 


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