How can telemedicine fully deliver for patients?


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How can patients have a great experience at home?

Carena, in partnership with Franciscan Health System (FHS) was launching a white label telemedicine service called “Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care.” The service offered the potential to dramatically lower medical costs by avoiding emergency room visits, while treating patients in their own homes via the web. 

While the cost savings were self-evident, the key question was "how should the service be designed to create a great experience for patients?"

Scansion helped Carena uncover the full range of concerns consumers had about working with a nurse practitioner or other healthcare professionals online in the midst of a health challenge.


We tested several revs of the concept with consumers in the Pacific Northwest and arrived at a far more refined, customer-centered approach to online care.


Our work resulted in a far more user-friendly online service, which was adopted by Microsoft and multiple other major employers, reducing their costs and improving employees’ and their families’ healthcare.


A customer-centered approach to online healthcare.

While people’s experience with healthcare professionals has almost always been face-to-face, telemedicine, done properly, can both communicate the key issues people face, and allow them to do so while remaining in their homes.  



A better environment than the waiting room

Online diagnostic tools offer dramatic savings for companies and dramatic increases in comfort for patients. The key is determining how to maximize people’s comfort with something new.

Ralph Derrickson

Carena CEO



The estimated global spend on point-of-care diagnostics


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