Putting the customer at

the center of innovation.

Companies that deliver meaningful customer experiences – not just functional ones – are rewarded with increased loyalty, competitive advantage, and ultimately more growth.


Our work gives our clients the confidence to enter the right new innovation territories, the roadmaps for getting there, and the inspiration to get everyone going in the right direction.

Maybe your growth has slowed, or your industry stands to be disrupted by an emerging technology or business model. Maybe you just want to stay out in front.


Your future growth depends on your ability to deliver meaningful customer experiences, often through an ecosystem of products, services, and staff.


Scansion helps clients innovate their product and service offerings through a customer-centered perspective, our deep industry expertise, and our strong grip on the emerging cultural and technological trends that are reshaping our world. 

Product & Service Concepting
Product & Service Evolution Roadmapping
Scenario Planning
Business Modeling
Opportunity Mapping
Category Strategy
Scenario Visualization
Facilitated Workshops

The companies that artfully give people the experiences they desire across channels and over time ultimately lead their marketplaces. Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident. They require comprehensive strategies, thoughtful design, detailed execution, and progressive evolution to stay relevant.


Scansion's Customer Experience practice looks broadly across customer journeys (like one’s relationship with their car) or deeply within discrete ones (like interacting with an ATM) in order to plan, design and test meaningful customer experiences that engender loyalty and build businesses.

Customer Experience Concepting
Customer Waveline Mapping
Scenario Visualization
Facilitated Workshops
Service Blueprinting
Customer Experience Prototyping
Customer Experience Testing
Co-Creation and Ideation Workshops

Any experience you deliver either builds or erodes the reputation (or brand image) you’re looking to achieve. In order to build a positive brand image intentionally you’ve got to have a clear strategy.


Scansion leads clients in identifying what is good and true about their companies, products and services. We help them clarify the reputation they’re aiming to build, and the expression of their brands in ways that align directly with what customers are seeking. 

Brand Strategy
Corporate Vision and Positioning
Facilitated Workshops
Product and Service Positioning

Uncovering people’s true experiential needs is part art and part science (since you can’t just ask customers what they want and get reliable answers back).


Scansion develops deep empathy for people's lives and their underlying experiential needs through direct observation (ethnography), one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and through the use of emerging digital tools. We deliver deep customer insights and guide clients in developing market-leading products and services.

Ethnographic Research
1-on-1 Interviews
Customer Personas
Trends Research




We are a people-centered strategy group that enables organizations to imagine, design, and achieve impactful solutions to market opportunities.

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