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And how does it impact a 92 year old business?

In an automotive industry where the race to develop autonomous driving technology is in full swing, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had confidence in their technology. But what was less clear was how real people would react to self-driving cars and what kinds of experiences they would want from them.

How would autonomy change the driving experience?
How could FCA introduce new autonomous products and services to people over time?
And how should its offerings evolve to stay relevant?

A product and service strategy that guides technology, financial planning, and design

Scansion helped FCA determine how it could best use autonomous driving technology to deliver more meaningful customer experiences over the next 20 years. We delivered 9 product/service concepts spanning FCA’s brand and model lineup, each including a 20-year roadmap for feature implementation.


Our work resulted in a new product and service strategy for FCA around autonomy, which is today guiding technology development, financial planning, and go to-market-strategy.  


Restoring the freedom of driving

While we heard some concerns around safety and trust during our field work, we predict that people will get over those hurdles faster than expected. Most are excited about the experiences that autonomous vehicles are going to bring. They may just restore the long-lost freedom of driving.

In the race for autonomous mobility, the tech tail is currently wagging the customer experience dog. FCA has the foresight to put the customer at the center and innovate outward based on the experiences people desire.




The estimated investment in autonomous vehicle technology over the past three years across more than 160 investments, partnerships and acquisitions, according to new research.

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