What new products and services will create the experiences our customers desire?


Product and Service Innovation Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Deep Customer Insights

Brand Positioning and Strategy


Carhartt, a highly successful,126 year-old family-owned workwear company, knew that the future of the brand lay in understanding the needs of two key consumer groups, namely, Hispanics and Millennials. We worked closely with Carhartt to gain empathy for what these consumers really need throughout their likely worklife over time, and how to develop meaningful experiences for them across marketing, retail channels, and products and services.


Through ethnographic research including game nights, shop-alongs, and work-site visits, we identified pain points, opportunities, and the experiences consumers desire. We developed comprehensive waveline experience maps and design principles that guided us in creating new product, marketing, and channel concepts. The concepts we generated together have entered the product pipeline, are impacting store strategies, and are directing marketing efforts. More broadly, the insights and design principles we arrived at inform all the company’s design activities.


Worksite visits were a particularly important part of the research.

We watched people on construction sites, for instance, trying to effectively use their clothing for protection while concerned with comfort and ease-of-motion, in occasionally very hot climates. The observational part of the work led to some breakthrough product concepts.

By 2017, an estimated 2.5 million new, middle-skill "blue collar" jobs are expected to be added to the workforce, accounting for nearly 40% of all job growth.

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