Designing for experiences over time, not just in the moment.

Customers are always changing, as is the world around us. Your experience the first time you walk into a cafe will be vastly different than your fiftieth visit to the same place. So how can that cafe stay relevant and important to you as a customer?


It's vital for businesses to deliver dynamic experiences that evolve and progress with the customer in order to have meaningful customer relationships. It’s not about planning or designing for a single customer moment in the future. It’s about a much longer time horizon and progressively deeper engagement. 

Meaningful experiences go beyond Functional and Emotional ones.

Some experiences are more functional, like paying for a cup of coffee. While effective, functional experiences don't create value beyond the product or service cost.


Other experiences, like catching up with your favorite barista, are emotional. While people perceive greater value with these, it decreases shortly after the experience is over.


Now, say your fair trade purchase will help coffee farmers. You feel a deeper sense of community by going to your coffee shop every day now. These meaningful experiences are what makes life worth living.

People are more loyal to companies that provide meaningful experiences and will pay more for them. The result is premium value that can last a lifetime.

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An Experience Waveline is a visual tool for strategically building and improving customer experiences.

An Experience Waveline is different from a Customer Journey Map.

Experience Wavelines help clients see the experiences and value they’re providing their customers, mapped against what customers actually want. They identify areas for improvement and highlight (often surprising) new innovation spaces.

  • Is strategic and experiential

  • Highlights areas of opportunity

  • Maps emotional intensity

  • Outlines the effect of an interaction on the customer’s state of mind

  • Is tactical

  • Lists every touchpoint

  • Identifies what a customer thinks or needs at that point

  • Is geared towards providing info or task completion

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The waveline is the first new tool I've seen in years that has the power to build relationships with consumers that they will value highly. Indeed, the waveline is the new consumer journey.

Tapping into culture to reveal opportunity spaces

Culture can play a strong role in determining the kinds of experiences we seek out and the ones we find most meaningful. For example, traditions and rituals guide us to seek more of our most-cherished experiences (like Thanksgiving), which are rooted in the cultural values we hold dear. 

Since customer attitudes can change in ways that are extremely difficult to predict, we look to the evolution of culture to illuminate what people will find most meaningful now and next. 

Using a unique combination of cultural analysis, trends research, and strategic foresight, we help companies understand how customer attitudes are evolving and deliver experiences that are culturally-resonant.

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By focusing on how culture shapes the kind of experiences people are looking for, we are able to provide a clear direction on how to evoke those experiences. Check out our LatinXperience Project for inspiration on how we worked with arts administrators across California.





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